It is a device that translate digital texts into braille reading system.

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What is it?

MyDot is an alternative for accessibility, information and education for people with visual disabilities.

It is a device that translates digital texts into Braille reading system. Through points that rise and fall on the surface of MyDot, the user is able to read almost any text.



My Dot offers a wide range of opportunities.


Through an SD texts are stored.

Braille Translation

Through points that rise and fall on the surface.

The problems solved

People with visual disabilities face several challenges,
in their daily lives.

Few issues

In Mexico there are only five publishers who produce texts in Braille.

Size of the problem

Worldwide there are about 285 million visually impaired.

Little information

In Mexico few educational materials for people with visual impairments are generated.

High prices

The costs of a book in braille are superior with respect to a common book

Heavy books

The weight of a book in Braille is superior with respect to a common book.

Others alternatives

There are devices that try to solve the problem however are not accessible economically.

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