The project...

The idea arose at the Center for Technology and Innovation.

Created specifically for visually impaired people, with which they can have almost unlimited access to all information which is currently in digital format.

Out team

Joaquín Casanova

He studied physics at the Faculty of Sciences of the UNAM. He works as a programmer and project organizer.

Diana Meza

Bionics and music. Organizes and plans the stages of projects, and builds drones

Andrea Miranda

He studied Communications and Electronics in the IPN.She is an expert in hardware and electronics.

Rolando González

He studied Bionics in UPIITA the IPN. It specializes in analog electronics and machine vision

Itzael Jimenez

He studied Communications and Electronics in ESIME Zacatenco. It specializes in electronics and hardware.

Francia Monserrat

He studied Industrial Design at UNAM FES Aragón. She is an expert in modeling and renderings.

Abelardo Bautista

He studied Bachelor of Marketing and Advertising. His specializes in copywriting and digital media strategies.

Alan García

He studied Communication Sciences at the UNAM. He is an expert in semiotics and content development.

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